Everything You Need To Learn Xhosa

Everything You Need To Learn Xhosa

Xhosa is a Bantu language with around 8 million speakers. It’s the second most spoken language in South Africa, after Afrikaans, and is also used as a first language by several hundred thousand people in Zimbabwe.

Xhosa is closely related to Zulu and Ndebele, all of which belong to the Nguni branch of Bantu languages.

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Xhosa is both a tonal language and one that uses clicks. It is written using a Latin-based script.

Sadly, there aren’t many resources available for learning Xhosa, not outside of southern Africa, at any rate. That said, there’s enough on this list to get you started.

Xhosa Language Learning Books

For a great intro to Xhosa, it’s prudent to get yourself a Xhosa course/study book. This will teach you major aspects of the language, including important vocabulary, how to structure sentences, and Xhosa grammar.

A Xhosa dictionary and phrasebook is also a great addition to any learner’s collection. You’ll not only learn a bunch of new vocabulary and how to use those words in different contexts, but also learn essential phrases and a range of casual expressions to use with natives when visiting Xhosa-speaking territories.

Xhosa Children’s Books

Reading children’s books in Xhosa will not only introduce you to common vocabulary and the structure of the language, but give you an insight into how the language is used in a natural, native format.

The language used in Xhosa kids’ books is easy to read, with simple sentence structures and plenty of colorful illustrations, making them great for beginners who need to be eased into native material that won’t overwhelm them.

Xhosa Digital Courses

With a Xhosa e-course, you can skip the books and learn the language with audiovisual material. Xhosa digital courses are usually composed of audio or video lessons, the former places emphasis on nurturing your listening and speaking skills, while the latter builds your overall Xhosa comprehension.

Udemy’s Xhosa course offers 3 hours of video lessons, several minutes of audio, plus a handful of downloadable worksheets. Plus you get lifetime access across any smart device, including TVs. This course aims to introduce you to the basics of the language, so is great for beginners.


Udemy Xhosa


There’s also a Xhosa audio course available in CD format. Language/30 is the company to offer audio courses in the Xhosa language, and comes packed with 100 minutes of audio lessons. It aims to teach you the basics of Xhosa with simple, short daily lessons.

Xhosa Audio Crash Course: Learn Xhosa Today [2CDs]

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