Poems About Love In Albanian (Poezi Dashurie)

Poems About Love In Albanian (Poezi Dashurie)

Reading poetry in Albanian can be both useful and difficult for language learners. On the one hand, the lyrical, rhyming nature of poetry can make Albanian words and phrases easier to remember.

On the other hand, the complex literary devices often used in poetry can make understanding the meaning of a poem quite challenging.

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Despite the difficulties, we believe that reading poetry can be a great way to improve your Albanian language skills. And what better topic to start with than love?

Love is a universal topic that knows no language barriers, and Albanian poets have written some truly beautiful and moving poems about love in all its forms.

To help you get started, we’ve written three simple Albanian poems about love – two about romantic love, and one about the love a mother has for her child. Each poem comes with an English translation to help you understand the meanings of the Albanian words.

Dashuri e re – Young Love

Albanian Love Poem 1
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Sa shpejtë ikin vitet
Ja katër kaluan
Prej ditës së parë
Kur në shkollë u takuam.

Më buzëqeshe fshehurazi
Dhe u nise për në klasë
Më le duke ëndërruar
Shumë muaj në gjimnaz.

Por tani jemi bashkë
Dhe ëdoherë do të dua
Dhe do t’i çmoj përherë
Buzëqeshjet e tua.
The years go by so quickly
Four have already passed
Since the first day
We met in school.

You shyly smiled at me
And you left for class
You left me daydreaming
For many years in high school.

But we are together now
And I will always love you
And will forever cherish
Your shy smiles.

E shpreh dashurinë – Express my love

Albanian Love Poem 2
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Më prit se po vi
Në zemër të të futem
Ta shpreh dashurinë
Mos më bëj të lutem.

Ku zogjtë këndojnë
Dhe lulet i prek flutura
Do krijojmë atje
Kujtimet e bukura.

Fort njëri tjetrit
Do shtrëngojmë duart
Si fëmijët e vegjël
Rrugën duke kaluar.
Wait I’m on my way
To enter your heart
To express my love
Don’t make me beg.

Where the birds sing
And the flowers are touched by the butterfly
We will create
Beautiful memories there.

We will hold
Each other’s hands tight
Like small children
Crossing the road.

Vajzës sime – To my daughter

Albanian Love Poem 3
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Kujt i thonë dashuri?
Pyesja veten unë
Por tani e kam të qartë
Qëkur në gjoksin tim të vunë.

Dy sytë e bukur
Akoma pa hapur
Dora jote e vogël
Gishtin tim ka kapur.

Të dua sot e përgjithmonë
Këtë ta premtoj
Prej sot e tutje pa ty
S’do mund të jetoj.
What do they call love?
I was asking myself
But it is clear now
Since you were put on my chest.

Two beautiful eyes
Not open yet
Your little hand
Holding my finger.

I love you today and forever
I promise you this
From this day forward
Without you I can’t live.

We hope you enjoyed reading these Albanian poems about love. While they may be challenging to understand at first, we believe that they’re a great way to improve your Albanian language skills. With practice, you’ll be able to read and appreciate Albanian poetry in no time!

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